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How does IT strategy apply to the public sector?

Dec 15, 2016 Tim Reimer 0 Comments

testA primary reason for strategic planning or strategy development is to position a business in the market or industry and to develop a competitive advantage. By defining a strategy one is developing a plan to achieve a certain objective or goal or to find a solution to a problem. Therefore, the fundamental question in strategic planning is how can we position our business more competitive in our market. The strategy then defines action that are being taken to achieve the desired competitiveness.

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Does IT need a strategy?

Nov 15, 2016 Tim Reimer 0 Comments

testIn our strategy-focused world, this question almost seems irrelevant. Most of us would agree that strategy development is important for an organization.

In many cases, the content and development of such a strategy is unclear. Strategic planning is better understood in the business context than within IT. IT projects and initiatives are most often selected based on business priority and budget allocations rather than a developed strategic plan. The assumption is made that whatever business declares as a strategic project must also be strategic for IT. This implicit assumption positions IT as a business order taker but not as a critical strategic entity that contributes significantly both to business success and competitive advantage

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