About Us

The Company

InfoPrag Inc. was founded by Tim Reimer in 1994 and quickly developed into a leading interface solution provider in the US and Canada for third-party applications needing to be integrated to the SAP ERP system landscape. Some of the early integrations provided solutions for storage retrieval systems, warehousing, and plant maintenance applications.

With over 23 years in business, the company has grown and transformed in many ways to maintain relevance and adapt to economic and technological changes.

What has not changed over the years is our commitment to delivering pragmatic, cost-effective, and sound IT solutions that solve business problems. Our core values are reflected in the name InfoPrag which stands for Information Pragmatic. InfoPrag distinguishes itself through its strong focus on providing business solutions that are reasonable, have a high degree of implementation success, and will deliver the expected benefits.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified associates who provide specialized industry experience and strong technical knowledge to our clients. Our associates are specialists in areas such as security, analytics, business process design, and IT strategy. Our differentiating factor is that we have a breadth of experience and knowledge across various technologies and functional areas. With this extensive expertise, proposed and delivered solutions will consider a holistic view and reflect the depth of underlying specializations.

Making a Difference

We believe that changing the world starts with children. Therefore, InfoPrag is committed to supporting children’s education and development both locally and abroad in partnership with Compassion Canada.