Our Services

IT Strategy & Visison

Many IT organizations lack a clearly defined vision and an IT strategy that supports that vision. We assist IT management in the process of developing these two deliverables with the objective that each IT strategy and vision statement be unique to the organization.

Enterprise Architecture

  • We help IT organizations develop their overall enterprise architecture while considering their vision statement and unique IT requirements.
  • For potential new solutions, we can guide our customers through the product evaluation process, including the development of RFIs/RFPs with solution evaluations and recommendations.

Cloud Architecture

  • We develop cloud architecture frameworks which will consider individual customer requirements.
  • We will develop and assist in determining a cloud strategy concerning various service and deployment models to provide a clear strategy of evaluation, fit for purpose and roll-out.
  • We are experts in integration architecture solutions and have taking our experience and practices to integrating various cloud service and deployment models.
  • We are very concerned about cloud landscape architectures and development to ensure deployment paths are consistent across all landscape components.

IT Organization

  • We assist IT organizations with reviewing and recommending organizational structures that will support the IT strategy developed and improve the production value chain.
  • We provide training and coaching in DEVOPS and Agile concepts
  • We assist and coach in the development of a project management office.
  • We assist and coach in managing IT projects.

Production Value Chain

  • To improve production throughput the value chain it is necessary to improve the collaboration between delivery and operations. We help our customers to implement and train in DevOps concepts and assist in building metrics that will help monitor the value chain.
  • Our engagements are always focused on the end goal of making an IT organization nimbler and more able to quickly adapt to changing business requirements. Agile methods are a fundamental part of this process; we therefore assist customers in transforming their IT organization into an agile shop.